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Aspiring to know more about people who are involved in positive social change, the 2013 Social Change Impact Report identifies distinctive profiles of social change agents around the world and includes many of their key motivations, interests and levels of involvement, ultimately putting a face on social change agents. The six different types of social change agents are:

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Since our founding in 1970, Walden has attracted students who seek knowledge both to advance their careers and use their knowledge to create positive social change in their communities and professions. Beginning in 2011, Walden has partnered with global research firm Harris Interactive to gauge the state of social change worldwide. The annual Social Change Impact Report illustrates one of the many ways we are leading and contributing to positive social change around the world.

The inaugural 2011 Social Change Impact Report focused on why social change matters. The focus of the 2012 Social Change Impact Report was discovering what motivates people to engage in and lead positive social change. In 2013, the research uncovered who is leading and contributing to positive social change. By segmenting these groups in the 2013 Social Change Impact Report, we find new insights to understanding the ways in which social change agents are alike and different.