Todd Benson Scholarship for Leadership in Business and Management: Building a Benevolent Business

Richard Vermillion received the scholarship to complete his bachelor’s, which he plans to use to effect positive social change in the Republic of Panama.

Posted on January 30, 2013

April 2013—Richard Vermillion was awarded Walden University’s 2013 Todd Benson Scholarship for Leadership in Business and Management for embodying Walden’s mission to effect positive social change. The BS in Business Administration student has worked as a minister since 1991 at various churches in the United States. He is also the founder of and chief contributor to both The Wisdom of Gold and Economic Theology, websites and educational resources that share his theological and economic studies.

Rich Vermillion
Rich Vermillion

“In 2012, when I discovered Laureate International Universities and read more about the scholarship at Walden, I connected with the university’s vision,” says Vermillion. “I aim to look beyond my own career goals to help other people and positively impact society.”

His goal is to move with his family to Panama and establish a book-publishing business or another enterprise, or work for an existing multinational corporation. No matter what he ends up doing, his plan is to pursue “benevolent capitalism,” which he defines as a business using its profits to create positive social change within a community. “I’d like 30% to 50% of our profits to go into outreaches like local ministries and orphanages, and to use the remainder for additional investments so that the company can eventually fund even more outreaches,” he explains. “Benevolence is my primary goal, but capitalism is how I want to achieve that goal.” 

About the Todd Benson Scholarship for Leadership in Business and Management
The scholarship is named in honor of Todd Benson, a former Laureate Education, Inc. board member, in recognition of his contributions to the growth, expansion, and success of Laureate Education. This scholarship award is open to new students enrolling in an undergraduate program within the College of Management and Technology and is awarded to a student who demonstrates the potential to excel as a business leader.

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