Articles from the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of our award-winning Walden alumni magazine

Letter From the President

Cynthia Baum

Letter From the President
President Cynthia G. Baum, PhD, explains the rewards of mentorship.
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Illustrator credit: Peter Horvath

Light Up Your Cause
Our community shares how to launch and run a successful nonprofit. 
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Photo credit: Stephen Spartana

Master Mentors
At work and in the community, alumni are making an impact—and finding meaning—by mentoring. Here, three alumni share lessons you can apply to your own life. 
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Photo credit: Masterfile

Combating Childhood Obesity
Faculty members provide straightforward solutions to improve the health of our families. 
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Dr. Christopher Arori. Photo credit: Simmons Griffiths

Beyond the Degree
Launching a college 
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Dr. Gregory Campbell. Photo credit: Bruce Bennet

A field guide to avoiding fraud 
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image of smartphone with apps

Our Must Haves
Resources to further your career 
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Paul Satryb. Photo credit: Kerri Ann Garfield

Lifelong Learners
Improving people, profits, and the environment 
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Jodi Vermaas

My Mission Possible
Reclaiming childhood in Southeast Asia 
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F. Blackman-Carter. Photo credit: Kimberly Murray Photography

Why I Refer
Writing her way to a promotion 
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Dr. Jim Smucker. Illustration credit: Andy Ward

Leading by Example
How to identify and pursue your passion
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Dr. Timothy Barclay

How It Paid Off
From police officer to psychologist 
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Man walking on pipes

From the Field
Leading a Nigerian oil project 
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Judith L. Fitzgerald

Meet the Faculty
A lawyer, teacher, and mentor 
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Dr. Dhammika Perera

Meet a Future Graduate
An M.D. immersed in international healthcare 
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Paul Rusesabagina. Photo credit: Lee Prohofsky

Making a Difference
The weight of the spoken word 
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Dr. Linda Moerschell. Photo Credit Kathryn Deuel Photography

Publishing with colleagues 
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News & Notes

image of the earth

Expedition to Space
Michele Mailhot gives students an astronaut’s view of Earth to bring math to life in the classroom. 
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Image of chalkboard

One Degree, Many Careers
See the diverse mix of careers held by graduates of the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program. 
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Becky Fleming. Photo credit: Dionne Jones

How I Did It
An alumna explains how her drive and the support of family and coworkers led her to graduation and career growth. 
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