Articles from the Summer/Fall 2013 issue of our award-winning Walden alumni magazine

Letter From the President

Letter From the President
President Cynthia G. Baum, PhD, explains how you can further your own career by connecting to fellow alumni.
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Illustration credit: Mike Austin. 

The Art of Making Contact
Alumni share their secrets to networking—online and in person—and making it work for your career.
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Dr. Jonas Nguh. Photo credit: Stephen Spartana.

Walking the Talk
Dr. Jonas Nguh ’13 shares how a commitment to volunteering can become an integral part of your everyday life.  
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Jonathan Kozol. Photo credit: Paul Fetters.

Bringing Honor to Education
Jonathan Kozol, a best-selling author and one of the most respected voices on public education in the United States, explains we all have a responsibility to bring a ‘sense of joy’ into the classroom.
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Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt. Photo credit: Stan Kaady.

Web Exclusive: Creating Ripples of Change
Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt, a world-renowned Paralympian, explains how education empowers everyone to be an agent of change.
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Dr. Uchenna Ekwo. Photo credit: Zef Nikkola.

Beyond the Degree
Integrating peace into journalism
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Dr. James Thomas Milton. Photo credit: Alison Sheehy.

Building a writing career
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Dr. Maureen Kroning.

Why I Refer
Becoming a nursing leader
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Why I Refer - image

Web Exclusive: Why I Refer
Gaining confidence as a writer and communicator
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Dr. Xavier Bruce.

Web Exclusive: Why I Refer
Completing a doctorate while deployed
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Dr. Maritza Soto.

Web Exclusive: Why I Refer
Putting research into practice
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Dr. Xavier Bruce. Illustration credit: Andy Ward.

Leading by Example
How three alumni inspire their teams  
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Raquel Battle. Photo credit: Simon Griffiths.

Meet a Future Graduate
Starting a hospice in Belize  
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Dr. Yvonne Doll.

Meet the Faculty
Adapting lessons from the military 
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Dr. Kimberly Handy. Photo credit: Michael Dineen.

Lifelong Learners
Learning as a student and a teacher
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Lisa P. Stevens, M.D., M.P.H.

How It Paid Off
From physician to public health servant 
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A woman helping children

From the Field
Oral healthcare in Tanzania
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LeVar C. Trice. Photo credit: Paul Fetters.

Cultivating lasting relationships
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Dr. Ahmed Tufeiru.

Beyond Borders
Empowering women in Ghana
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News & Notes

Dr. John DeGarmo. 

Creating a Safe Haven for Foster Children
An alumnus shares how becoming a foster parent fueled his mission to effect positive social change for children 
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Dr. Judith Klein. Photo credit: Martin Herbst.

A Clinic in the Cloud
An alumna explains how she found an extraordinarily fulfilling volunteer opportunity
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Dr. Shamir Andrew Ally.

On My Nightstand
Expanding your perceptions
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One Degree Many Careers

One Degree, Many Careers
Graduates from the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program, which awarded its first degrees in 2011, already have a diverse mix of careers 
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Dr. Brucetta McClue Tate.

How I Did It
An alumna explains how she completed her doctoral degree despite the challenges Hurricane Katrina presented
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