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New Accelerated Preparation for Teaching Career
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 9, 2007

Walden University is addressing the critical shortage of teachers in the areas of early childhood and special education by introducing teacher programs for individuals already holding a bachelor’s degree. Dr. Kelley Costner, associate dean for Master's and Teacher Preparation programs in Walden’s College of Education, discussed features of the online program with students who have a desire to provide strong foundations in the learning lives of today’s children and youths. She also explained that the programs are designed for adult learners who want to prepare for a career change while continuing to work full time.

© 2007 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Ask the Mentor: Teaching Diverse Populations
Edweek.org, December 5, 2007
Teacher Magazine.org, December 12, 2007

Dr. Kelley Costner, associate dean for Master’s and Teacher Preparation programs in the College of Education, answered teachers’ questions about handling issues of diversity in school. In two Q&A installments, visitors to the websites learned how to handle racially charged or culturally biased comments made by colleagues, dismantle stereotypes held by students, and be inclusive when discussing the holidays in the classroom.

© 2007 Editorial Projects in Education

Walden University: Pioneer of the First Completely Online Master's Degree in Education in the United States
TechTrends, December 2007 

Dr. Sherry Harrison, Walden University’s MS in Education program director for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment and for Integrating Technology in the Classroom, details the history and current offerings of Walden’s College of Education. The article also looks at the different specializations available in the M.S. in Education program, and highlights the university’s Student Support Team that helps students succeed in their online studies.

© TechTrends Journal 2007


Lessen Your Stress: What Black Women Need to Know About Finding Peace in Everyday Life 
Essence magazine , November 2007

Dr. Savitri V. Dixon-Saxon, interim associate dean of the School of Counseling and Social Service at Walden University, discussed how black women can establish a good framework for accomplishing work and personal goals. Dixon-Saxon offered tips for reducing stress such as talking to your boss about tasks outside your job description that you may have been asked to take on so you can decide work priorities together.  

© Essence 2007


How Can Mental Health Professionals Better Understand the Transgender Community?
OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, October 17, 2007 

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer, a full-time faculty member for Walden University’s School of Counseling and Social Service, discussed how humiliation, trauma, and exploitation have shaped the transgender experience, including her own personal experience as a transgender. Reicherzer also explained how transgenders have been misunderstood and mistreated by mental health professionals and how such professionals can better understand the growing transgender community.

© SIRIUS Satellite Radio 2007


’Netting Degrees: More Professionals Continuing Their Education Online
Hispanic Business, September 2007

Walden is prominently featured in an article about online higher education in the 2007 Best Schools issue. Ramona Armijo, a Walden PhD student, explains how the flexibility of the online curriculum allows her to pursue her dream of earning a doctorate. Alberto Varga Jr., a recent MBA graduate, says that he decided to go back to school to remain competitive in the marketplace, and the convenience of online education gave him the opportunity to do that.

© Hispanic Business 2007

Upgrade Your Teaching Creds: 11 Online Classes Worth Your Time
Scholastic Instructor, September 2007

In an article listing professional development options that work for teachers’ real-life schedules, Walden University’s courses are named BEST FOR PERSONAL ENRICHMENT. Courses such as “How to Get Parents on Your Side” and “The High Performing Teacher” are described by teachers as great for stress reduction, motivation, and building positive relationships in and out of school. Teachers also reported that they learned a great deal about conflict resolution and child psychology in “Succeeding with Difficult Students” and “Teaching Students to Get Along.”

© Scholastic Instructor 2007


Psychologists Receive Grant for Post-Katrina Research to Record Experiences of Children
Mental Health Weekly, August 27, 2007

Walden faculty in the School of Psychology, Dr. Steven G. Little and Dr. Angeleque Akin-Little, were recognized as having been awarded a Faculty Excellence Fund Grant by Walden University to videotape children living in New Orleans as the children discuss their experiences in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Mental health counselors, students, and school psychologists who are part of the online Walden community are assisting from around the country to study and analyze the data.

© Mental Health Weekly 2007

Columbus Woman Honored for Skill, Service on CAFB
Columbus Dispatch, Augugust 9, 2007

Walden University master’s degree candidate Tanisha Harding was given a Commander’s Coin, a rare and highly prized symbol awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional skill in their service. Harding received this honor from Columbus Air Force Base’s Col. Susan R. Hall in recognition for her service on the base. Harding, a former Air Force captain, was completing work for her degree at the base’s public health office when Hall awarded the honor to the rare civilian graduate student on base.

© Columbus Dispatch 2007

Internalized Oppression of African American Women and How This Has Shaped Their Views: Interview With Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon
The Lizz Brown Show WGNU (St. Louis), August 7, 2007

Dr. Savitri V. Dixon-Saxon, faculty chair of the MS in Mental Health Counseling program at Walden University’s School of Psychology, discussed her research on the development of African-American women and how external and internal messages, such as rap and hip-hop music, have affected their quality of life. She emphasized how mental health professionals and educators could be more effective in promoting good mental health, education, and leadership development for African-American women.

© The Lizz Brown Show 2007

The Online Doctorate: Flexible, But Credible?
The School Administrator, August 1, 2007

School administrators are finding increased opportunities to pursue doctoral degrees online through institutions such as Walden University. Educators—no matter where they live—can pursue a PhD or EdD as long as they have a computer with high-speed Internet access and the self-discipline to learn on their own. Dr. Joe Ann Hinrichs, director of the K–12 PhD program and chair of the EdD program at Walden, explains the way online education fits the schedules of today’s professionals in education. She also believes educators studying online want to “bolster their ability to conduct research, understand it, and communicate it to parents.”

© School Administrator 2007


The Pursuit of Knowledge
UTNE Reader, July/Augugust 2007

This article highlights the many different education options that adults are exploring later in life. Walden University is noted as a leader in online education, creating both the first completely online master’s degree in education and the first Web-based PhD program during the mid-90s. With a dedication to social change written into its mission statement, which is exemplified by its annual Conference on Social Change, Walden is a particularly attractive option for working professionals.

© UNTE Reader 2007

Kennedy Emphasized the Duty of Citizens to Keep Themselves Informed on Issues
Minnesota Daily, July 25, 2007

This article in the University of Minnesota campus newspaper focused on the keynote speech delivered by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., environmentalist, attorney, and author, at Walden University’s Third Annual Conference on Social Change held on July 19, 2007.  More than 1,000 Walden University doctoral students, faculty, and local and national social change leaders attended this year’s conference, which focused on “Sustainability and Social Change.”

© Minnesota Daily 2007

Degree Trumps Terror: Keeping the Nation Safer Through Education
KRON-San Francisco and others through ClassesUSA , July 2007

As one of the top priorities across all levels of government, homeland security professionals remain in great demand in both the public and private sectors. The Homeland Security Policy and Coordination specialization in Walden University’s School of Public Policy and Administration prepares homeland security professionals to implement protective measures during times of crises as well as how to develop policy that will protect our nation’s safety and freedom.

© ClassesUSA 2007

Straight A's for eLearning's Big Four
WTHR (Indianapolis) and others through ClassesUSA, July 2007

According to a recent study by Eduventures, an education-industry research firm, education, business, health care, and information technology are most popular online degrees. Kelley Costner, EdD, associate dean of Walden University’s Masters in Education programs, explains that many teachers who pursue eLearning are eligible for tuition reimbursement from their schools and are commonly promoted once they graduate.

© ClassesUSA 2007


Explore the Human Side of the Sustainability Equation at Walden University’s Conference on Social Change
Headwater News, June 13, 2007

Dr. Anna Wasescha previews the program for Walden University’s third annual Conference on Social Change in Minneapolis July 19–20, 2007. As chairperson of the conference, she describes how scholars, practitioners, and community activists will present work to promote social justice and equality by relying on sustainability as a core principle.

© Headwaters News 2007

Walden’s Online Degree Fills Gaps in Nursing Ed
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, June 4, 2007

At a time when the country is facing a nursing shortage, Walden University’s M.S. program in Nursing prepares practicing nurses to provide leadership and instruction for new entrants to the field. Walden is seeking to grow its number of Hispanic nursing students, as there is a disparity that exists between the 14.2% of the U.S. of the population that is Hispanic and the 2% of the registered nurse population that shares this ethnic background. Lydia Lopez, a Walden MS program in Nursing student, believes there is a great demand for registered nurses who are fluent in Spanish.

© Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education 2007


Servant Leadership: Organizing Communities to Solve a Challenge
PA Times, May 2007

In this publication from the American Society for Public Administration, Dr. Frank Hamilton recounts the importance of servant leadership principals in creating positive social change in communities. He originally presented these ideas, as they are applied to his organization, Alley Cat Allies, at Walden University’s 2006 Conference on Social Change.

© American Society for Public Administration 2007

Dean to Become Provost
Dean & Provost, May 1, 2007

In the May issue of Dean & Provost, Denise DeZolt, PhD, is recognized for her promotion to provost of Walden University. She previously served as dean of the College of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences at Walden.

© Dean and Provost 2007


Top 25 Minnesota Colleges and Universities
Twin Cities Business Journal, April 13, 2007

Walden University was second on the list of top 25 Minnesota colleges and universities, according to the Twin Cities Business Journal. The institutions were ranked by 2006 enrollment totals.

© Twin Cities Business Journal 2007

Online Degrees Increasingly Gaining Acceptance Among Employers
Diverse: Issues on Higher Education, April 5, 2007

According to a survey from Eduventures’ Continuing and Professional Education 2005 Report, degrees earned online are becoming more accepted by employers. Denise DeZolt, PhD, provost of Walden University, comments on how graduate students who attend Walden after earning an undergraduate degree at other universities are often surprised by the challenging coursework. Dr. DeZolt knows firsthand that Walden’s educational standards and rigor are as high, if not higher, than many brick and mortar institutions.

© Diverse: Issues on Higher Education 2007

University With No Campus Will Convene at U of M
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, April 1, 2007

Walden University will host its third annual Conference on Social Change in Minneapolis on July 19 and 20. More than 1,000 national and local social change leaders, doctoral students, faculty, and alumni will participate in this year’s conference, “Sustainability and Social Change: Uncommon Vision for the Common Good.”  Robert F. Kennedy Jr., author and environmentalist, will give the keynote address and head the list of prominent speakers on sustainability issues. Following the Social Change conference, Walden will hold its summer commencement ceremony on July 21 in Northrop Auditorium; more than 200 students will participate in graduation.

© Minneapolis Star-Tribune 2007

Profiles of Success: Education Is a Key Component
Black Enterprise, April 2007

In this article, Sharon T. Freeman, PhD, is profiled for her success in development and social change work. She credits her Walden University education as a foundation for her success. Freeman, who earned a PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden in 1996, has worked in more than 100 countries to promote growth and development for small, minority- and women-owned enterprises. Walden was a great fit for Dr. Freeman because it allowed her to pursue a degree while continuing her global consulting practice.

© Black Enterprise 2007


Distance Learning MBA Programs
Financial Times, March 19, 2007

Walden University makes the Financial Times top 10 list of distance-learning MBA programs. The list includes more than 30 of the top distance-learning and online MBA providers, ranked according to student enrollment. With over 1,600 students enrolled in its M.B.A. program, Walden is No. 10 on the list.

© Financial Times 2007

Walden University Expands Global Focus in Online MBA Program
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 2007

The Walden University enhanced MBA program allows students to better understand and compete in a global economy. Faculty chair of the Walden MBA program, Rebecca Sidler, PhD, describes the need for MBA programs to re-examine their curricula to ensure that it is up to date. In today’s business world, the global context is continuing to grow, making it even more important that MBA programs include global topics. Walden’s program now offers a choice of specializations, a short-term study abroad option, networking opportunities, and an eight-week field study option.

© Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2007


Tactics for Nursing Professionals to Overcome Back-to-School Anxiety
Nurse Leader, February 2007

This byline article written by Dr. Augustine Barón, faculty in Walden University’s School of Psychology, discusses the challenges many adults face when considering going back to the classroom. He suggests that adults who would like to continue in higher education should have confidence in their learning, not be embarrassed to ask for help, and take advantage of the flexible schedule online programs like Walden University provide.

© Nurse Leader 2007

Online Universities Can Empower Adults, but Require Self-Direction
Baltimore Business Journal, February 16–22, 2007

This bylined article written by Walden’s assistant dean for academic advising, Karen K. Hanson, discusses the importance of accreditation, faculty interaction, and research resources in online higher education. Hanson describes how to select an appropriate online university and what kind of time commitment and resources are needed to be successful.

© Baltimore Business Journal 2007

Latina Sophia Fontes Obtained Her Master of Science in Education
El Hispano News, February 8–14, 2007

A recent graduate at Walden University’s winter 2007 commencement ceremony, Sophia Fontes, describes how after nine years of teaching kindergarten, she finally took the time to earn her Master of Science in Education. Thousands of students around the world, like Fontes, rely on Walden University’s online programs to accomplish career goals and to assist in their professional development.

© El Hispano News 2007

Walden University’s First MS Degree in Nursing Graduates
El Heraldo News, February 8, 2007

Walden University held its winter 2007 commencement ceremony for more than 2,400 students. The commencement address was delivered by RADM Carol Romano, assistant surgeon general and chief nurse officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. Among the graduates was the university’s first class to receive a MS degree in Nursing. Dr. Paula E. Peinovich, university president, says that Walden University is able to contribute creative solutions to the shortage of registered nurses in the United States.

© El Heraldo News 2007


The Wired MBA
Twin Cities Business, January 2007

The online classroom enhances the learning experience and extends classroom discussion when used to its fullest potential. Walden MBA Faculty Chair Dr. Rebecca Sidler Krysiak talks about the interactive environment online universities provide for students to network with professionals in other cities, countries, and business cultures. She also says that online components are meant to enhance the learning experience, not make it easier.

© Twin Cities Business 2007

Crisis and Calamity in the Community College
Community College Journal, December 2006–January 2007

This bylined article written by Dr. Terry O’Banion, director of the Community College Leadership program (CCLP) at Walden, discusses the challenges facing community colleges today and emphasizes the need for more qualified administrators and faculty. Dr. O’Banion describes Walden University’s CCLP as an exemplary online learning program for faculty and administrators alike. Students in this program at Walden University are preparing to join the 21st century community college as new leaders.

© Community College Journal 2007