Meet an ’11 graduate: JanetViana Clarke-Green, MS in Education

A teacher earns her MS in Education and a Walden Educator for a Day grant to help students at her culturally diverse elementary school.

Posted on January 18, 2012

Posted by Tamara Chumley
Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

JanetViana Clarke- Green
JanetViana Clarke-

For JanetViana Clarke-Green, earning a master’s degree was her lifelong dream because she believed she had much to offer the children in her community. Her philosophy of education is embedded in the belief that all children can learn given the opportunity, and it is on this premise that she began her teaching career in 1995. JanetViana Clarke-Green teaches at Oakcrest Elementary School.

A native of Jamaica, Janet received her undergraduate degree on her home island. During her undergraduate studies, Janet worked with students who struggled in reading, and she soon became interested in the field of literacy. She worked in the school library at night and on weekends to finance her education, and she studied during the day. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, Janet moved to the United States, first working in North Carolina before eventually settling in Landover, Md., where she now teaches at Oakcrest Elementary.

JanetViana Clarke-Green and Students

Janet had a desire to acquire new knowledge and experiences, and she wanted to pursue her master’s degree but financial concerns caused her to put her dream of continued education on hold. When she was selected as a Walden University Riley Scholar, Janet was able to return to school to earn her MS in Education.

Janet says, “Inspiring a student to learn is useless if we never understand and realize that the students who come to us are individuals with varied, differentiated learning styles.”

See how Janet is making a difference in the lives of her school community members and society as a whole.

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