How Walden Supports Me Every Step of the Way
I think I’ve enjoyed the faculty advising the most. (I wonder if everyone says that.) I get a little piece of something that’s different from each one of them. They’re really good listeners and they have great ideas.

The writing center—wow. It’s great because they answer you right away. They make you feel like it’s OK to ask any kind of question. They’re very patient. They go out of their way to make you feel at ease; the library folks, too:  “It’s OK.  This is going to be fine.”

I’m really impressed that they really stay on top of it. I submitted questions to the writing center at different times, and once a week or so, I’d get an email. “Just checking in. You doing OK?” Wow, that’s pretty impressive. You just get the feeling that they really care, and that they’re there to help you.

I misplaced one of my DVDs for my lectures and you’ve got to keep moving on with coursework. You can’t take too much time away from it. I called Walden and they said, “No problem. We’ll overnight one.” It came the very next day. I called them at noon; I got another copy of the DVD by three o’clock the next afternoon. Couldn’t believe it—just couldn’t believe it; so very, very helpful.  I’ve had to use the technology support.  They’re available all the time. It takes a lot of the stress out.