The most surprising element is how interactive an online course can be. You are not in isolation. When you sit down at the computer you think you are going to be alone, and you’re not. You’re in a classroom with other students. You’re responding to them; they’re responding to you. They’re challenging you. You have to know your stuff, and if you don’t you need to figure it out so you can respond. If you’re in a college classroom and you have something to say, you raise your hand, you say it and then it’s done with. With Walden, everything that you say you’re doing in written form, so there’s a written record of it. So you can’t just kinda fade into the background, or say the following week, “that’s not what I said, or what I meant.”  Everybody has access to what you said.  And… it makes you think very carefully about what you’re going to say.