As far as making me a better teacher, I think it’s made me a lot more reflective, and I think that’s a really important key for teachers to be able to look back upon a lesson or a plan or a unit or a day and say, “This is what went well, and this is what could have gone better,” and “What could I have done as an educator to make sure that those kids have the very best experience they can?” And a lot of the coursework... it’s definitely built on reflection. You#you’re not let off easy. You have to really get in there and analyze what you’re doing. And [in] one of the classes I’m taking now, we actually audio tape our lesson plans, and then we have to transcribe them, and we go back and each week it’s a different area we are assessing for [such as], “How did we plan for that?” And I’m finding even as a 19-year veteran teacher… that there are several things that I still need to improve upon.