This program inspires me. Not just to be a better teacher, not just to be a better teacher-leader, but I think it’s inspired me to see education in a completely different way. I want to see my profession, that I love so much, evolve like other professions have. And, Walden’s given me an opportunity to really do the research and find out what’s working and what’s not working, and why. I feel like I’m not just a practitioner anymore; that I’m really a scholar. And I haven’t felt like that in a very long time. As a meat-and-potatoes classroom teacher, you don’t get to step outside and really dig into that scholarly world. It’s given me my voice. I have found my voice in writing again, and it’s given me my teacher voice, but also my leadership voice. It’s allowed me to be able to translate educational jargon that we take for granted as educators, and talk to
policymakers, senators…you know, all of these people who are running education, who I want to give them the perspective of a classroom teacher because I feel like that’s very important. The Ed.D. program is inspiring me to really want to reach out to a larger network of educators.