Hi, my name is Nnenna Franciamore, and I‘m so excited to be a student at Walden University. Walden has truly given me, not just a higher degree, but a higher purpose. In my Walden Experience, in my Walden journey, I’ve been able to start two phenomenal programs here in my Bronx community. The first is called Solid Foundations Preschool, a licensed home family daycare here in the Bronx that provides children with research based, high quality, early childhood education. Parents feel comfortable dropping off their children in this environment where they know they’ll be nurtured and they’ll also learn and be ready to start kindergarten.

I’ve also started a program called Solid Foundations for Healthy Families. This non-profit organization offers free educational resources and support to parents who are striving to balance work life and family life. I have provided parenting workshops on topics such as attachment, child development, and the like. The parent testimonials have been phenomenal. Parents have really felt that, although kids don’t come with instructions, they’ve been able to reduce their stress in parenting and be more effective as parents.

I’m grateful for Walden and all of the lessons I’m learning here. I look forward to graduating and continuing to impact social change in my community.

Michele: She helped me not to feel overwhelmed because I am a working mom and have two little kids and have to take care of my household as well. So…I feel like 24 hours 7 on my toes. She made it sound, not easy, but doable.

Coleen: The staff at Solid Foundations were excellent. They provided her with an excellent foundation for learning and a love of learning

Michael: My daughter started when she was around three; and my son, when he was just a baby. I’ll tell you, Solid Foundations has been a great place for my children.

James: …personally inspired to see Nnenna working in an area she is passionate about, helping families and also encouraging other volunteers to do the same.

Dominique: I volunteered this semester with Solid Foundations; and, basically, we got to work with about 10-12 kids during this time. We got to do crafts with them, do sports activities – basically just hang out with them while their parents were given a free parenting workshop.

Jackie: You know, they learn a lot. Even here in Solid Foundations preschool, they leave from here reading. It’s incredible; people won’t believe it when they are out there. Because… “wow this child can read.”

Gerlly: We enjoy Solid Foundations for Healthy Families and the changes that I see in my daughter is amazing.

At Walden University, I discovered my passion: strengthening families, and changing lives.