Graduate students can turn to the staff at the Walden Writing Center for support when they are writing academic papers.

David Finch
(Ph.D. Applied Management & Decision Sciences Student)

The Walden Writing Center is one of the most beneficial services that Walden has. One of the unique elements of Walden is it of course is taking practitioners from the field that likely have been out of academia for years and transitioning them back into an advanced doctoral program. And so the Writing Center provides that transition that allows you to move, especially from a management perspective, from a management writing style into a scholarly writing style.

Jeff Zuckerman
(Writing Center Director)

We have a tutoring service, we do editing, we work with students through our courses and online through our online writing center, and we meet a lot with the doctoral students, specifically at residencies. Any of our graduate students can work with our tutors. It’s all done online. We do have some phone service with students but for the most part all of our tutoring services are done online. And students will send a draft of a paper to the tutors. We do our best to look it over and give helpful, constructive, and positive feedback, usually within one or two days.

You can share your paper with a Walden tutor or editor, check APA style and grammar, learn more about formatting and templates, and discover how to better express your ideas.

Tobias Ball
(Writing Center)

Research is an isolating event; you’re at a library or at your desk, you’re rewriting, and then to present it to an outside person from whom you’re looking for help can be a scary process. What we do is we do build confidence in our writers. We build that confidence through letting them know that writing is a process. That we’re here to help them, we’re here to make a draft stronger. And by letting them know that they’re a part of this larger thing called doctoral research, and they’re joining an academic community, and their writing is making a contribution that fosters growth in the field, we do instill them with that kind of confidence.

Eryn Young
(Master of Public Health Graduate)

They were helpful in pointing out some tips that helped me to tighten up and reword the things that I wrote so that I can have a complete thought so that everything flowed in the direction that it needed to. I appreciate the step-by-step approach that they gave; that was very, very important.

Kari Wold
(Writing Center)
It’s a lot of fun when you say, you know what, I helped someone, and it’s a great feeling because I think a lot of my job is to really help streamline students’ brilliant ideas so other people can understand them. When I see a student succeed in a way that the student may not have beforehand, I cry. I really have cried with students before and hugged them, and it’s wonderful to see them make a breakthrough.