I am Raghu Korrapati, faculty in [the Ph.D. in] Applied Management and Decision Sciences doctoral program. I specifically teach [courses] in [the] Information Systems Management specialization. I’ve been with Walden for nine years. I have five master’s degrees and a doctoral degree. [My] doctoral degree is a doctor of philosophy in computer information systems from Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. I have a master of science in computer science from [the] University of South Carolina in Columbia, S.C. And I have a management degree—[a] master of business administration—from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo., and I have three other master’s degrees from India. One is M.Tech., master of technology and computer science, from Andhra University, and the other one is master of philosophy and management from Alagappa University, and the other one is master of arts [from Potti Sreeramulu] Telugu University in India. I’ve been teaching for the past 20 years in higher education. Um, I have taught in India in a master of technology in computer science [program]. I have taught at the University of South Carolina in [an] undergraduate program. I have taught [in], uh, master of business administration and master of arts in computer science [programs] at Webster University in Columbia, S.C. I’ve been teaching for Walden for the past nine years. I have taught in the [Master of Business Administration] program and also in the doctoral program both in … management and computer information systems. I’m both a scholar-practitioner and an academician…. I have worked in the … computer science industry, um, at, um, South Carolina Higher Education Commission and also in India [at] Tata Consultancy Services as a computer consultant and also teaching in the graduate-level program both in India and also in the United States in [the] past 20 years. I’ve been mostly experienced in computer systems design, analysis, and implementation. I am highly published in the, um, academic world. I have more than a hundred articles published in, um, various journals in the information systems and applied management and decision sciences [fields]. I also serve on various editorial boards of the international journals. I am editor-in-chief of [The] International Journal of Applied Management and Technology, IJAMT, and I serve on various, um, international peer-refereed academic journals.