Dr. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (Program Director Center for International Programs) Sometimes international students feel that online education is very distant. I think that’s a misconception, in realty. I, myself, was a faculty member and I can tell you that I had more contact with my online students because they know they can send me an email anytime of the day or the night and we are very responsive to their emails, to their conversations.

Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar (Program Director, Faculty Member, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences) Our international students do get a great amount of support as much as our United States students do get. And I think our international students get some additional support from the advisors. We do have a great international advising team who are always supporting our students. And we do understand there are some time differences, but our advising team is always available.

Preye Buowari (Graduate M.S. in Project Management, Student, PhD in Business Administration) Faculty supports me by giving me feedback. Because, for application assignments or the discussion posts, there’s always this interaction with faculty and other students. And when your assignments come back, it’s always with detailed feedback. And so faculty always refer me back to “grammarly” to edit my work after writing. So it’s not really a problem; not a challenge. Using “grammarly” has helped me over time to edit my work so it becomes better as I go along. You know. So that’s the support I get from faculty. True feedback they give back to me so it’s not really a problem.