Dr. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (Program Director Center for International Programs) When international students enroll at Walden, they will find a curriculum that is not only focused on a U.S. based education. We make sure that we build content that meets the needs of the student who is a citizen of the global world. We are aware that organizations and companies want to meet the needs of a very diverse population, so our content is focused on meeting those needs.

Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar (Program Director, Faculty Member, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences) One of the missions of Walden is the internationalization of our curriculum and the learning. So, as an international student, when you come into the classroom, you see a very culturally diverse curriculum, where you can participate. You can feel you are a part of it. When you are in the classroom, you are not learning about one specific culture. It’s not a monolithic culture from west that you are looking into, or any specific culture from east. It is a combination of different aspects – different cultural aspects that we try to pull. Ah, it could be from Asia; it could be from Africa, it’s from North America, or South America. So we try to pull different cultural aspects in our curriculum to give our international, as well as our U.S. students, a very rich experience in understanding cultural diversity.

Dr. Samira Gumma-Swiatkowski (Graduate, PhD Education) The content is very diverse it’s not just American driven. It’s not just that. Although its American accredited – it’s a nationally accredited university; however, the content in that is very broad and it applies to wherever your studying may be.