NARRATOR: Walden University, a trusted leader in online education, now offers an engaging Master of Social Work Program. The MSW Program is delivered in an interactive online classroom, features specially designed media, and integrates two face-to-face residencies to complement the online learning experience. Walden's interactive online classroom allows students to access multiple modes of learning materials and discuss their assignments and class concepts with peers and faculty members. The unique classroom media is based upon case studies that help students experience real-world situations to learn and then apply the critical skills needed to improve the quality of life for their clients.

DR. SARA PLUMMER: Case studies are really important to use because it provides a real life experience for the students. They're able to see how social workers have worked with those particular clients, and what are the best interventions.

NARRATOR: The cases represent a wide range of scenarios. Students draw upon their classroom knowledge to analyze and critique the social worker's approach in each case. This method permits students to immediately apply what they learn.

Walden's MSW Program offers six elective clusters, allowing students to tailor their learning and achieve personal career goals by delving deeper into the needs of specific populations. Attending two four-day residencies allows students to connect, collaborate, and network with peers and faculty as well as solidify critical skills learned in the classroom. Students also choose from one of three Degree-Completion tracks.

The Part-time track offers the most flexibility, while the two-year Full-time track allows students to complete the program faster. If a student holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, they may qualify for the Advanced standing track and start their program with the advanced level courses. Graduates of the program will be prepared to work in settings, such as schools, hospitals, private practice, social service, agencies, and mental health clinics.

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