I’m very excited about the new master’s of science [in] leadership program because I believe it brings something to the table that has been missing in management and business education for some time. What the master’s of science [in] leadership program does is give our students now a far broader experience and range of experiences in how they’re gonna conceive of and think about organizations and what the role of leaders are to see how the big picture comes together in organizations and how people do, at both the macro level, the big level, the high level of leadership, and at the micro level, with individual relationships throughout the organization, how that shapes the organization’s ability to move forward, to respond to change and to deal with adversity.

The program will, in fact, give them hands-on experiences with working with other people. The master’s of science [in] leadership program will provide our students with skills and abilities to see how the big picture of an organization fits together, to understand and read the culture of organizations and to help influence and change the norms of an organization if it’s not working properly, and enable students to discover their own voice about how they want to change the world. One of the chief goals is to not just talk about leadership and think about leadership in some abstract way, but to give very concrete context for students to practice leadership and to be better leaders. To both develop a keen sense of awareness about themselves and their roles in relationships with other people and how that set of relationships can help move an organization together towards its shared dreams and passions and gives them the ability to maybe even help shape what those dreams and passions might be because clearly a role of leaders is to help move into new directions and not just do what we’ve always been doing. And to see how individual actions that you take on a day to day basis really do affect the entire world.

It’s particularly important in this time and point in history that people see how we are all interconnected, and the leadership program is extraordinarily timely in that sense because it will bring students from around the world to sit together in our virtual space in the classroom, share ideas, stimulate new ways of thinking about the world, and do so with the guidance of faculty and mentors and people who also have a deep passion that we can make a difference as individuals.