Paula Singer: Many of you are already on the path of positive social change, even before you have your diploma in hand today. And you lead such change despite real challenges and obstacles. I think back to my past 10 years with Walden, and I am constantly impressed by the caliber and character of our students and how committed you are to pursuing your education. So many of you are juggling, that's a word Walden students know, juggling so many things. You've got work, you've got home, and still you're trying to advance your education. Individuals like Dr. Michael Miller, who joins us today after completing his Ph.D. in Management while serving in the United States Air Force.


As many of our students, it was Dr. Miller's lifelong dream to get his doctorate, and sure enough just a year into the program, Dr. Miller was called to Biloxi, Miss. to manage a field hospital in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and although he would need to take a break from his program, many of you have had to do that, to perform his duties, he didn't lose sight of his dream. Dr. Miller currently holds the rank of brigadier general and serves as assistant surgeon general and chief of Medical Service Corps in the Office of the Air Force Surgeon General, making him the senior healthcare administrator for the Air Force. He credits [Applause] the support of his wife, Susie, and the rest of his family in helping him to reach his academic goals. Dr. Miller, will you and all of your family members here today please stand so we could recognize you and applaud you?