Hi. My name is Linda Sheppard, and I am a doctoral student at Walden University. My passion for promoting positive social change has evolved and grown over the years. My education at Walden has helped me to serve others more effectively. I’ve seen a need in many areas and have felt passionate to help. Currently, I gather and lead two to three medical teams a year to Haiti; involve the local community by seeking team members, as well as seeking assistance in gathering supplies. I gather approximately 1,000 hygiene packs that we distribute to individual patients in the clinic. This helps the local community, as they are able to see that that specific hygiene pack that they made went to a specific person in the clinic.

In Guatemala, I helped start a nonprofit whose main focus is to pave the way for accessible education. Many of the students would not have the opportunity to attend school beyond primary school. But, they have now gone on to middle school, high school—and two have even gone on to college, so far.

In Portland, Oregon, I am involved in a local fishing ministry, where we take inner city kids out fishing. It’s amazing to see the joy on their faces when they catch that first fish.

Adoption advocacy is another area I am passionate about. I help promote education and support to families as an adoption attachment therapist.

I also can relate on a personal level as an adoptive parent myself. Twelve of our 14 children have joined our family through the miracle of international adoption, domestic adoption, as well as embryo adoption. Our children assist in positive social change by giving back to their homeland in countries such as China, Vietnam, Haiti, Ecuador, as well as various states within the U.S.

Walden University’s focus on positive social change has helped me to spread this passion to others. It’s been rewarding to see this vision of positive social change come out in its own unique way with each of our children.

Thank you, Walden!