Whenever I’m doing things at school, I share it with them, like the papers or some of the research topics that I’ve been doing. I tell them what I’m doing, so that they can see me as a learner. And then when I am having a hard time myself understanding something, I tell them that, so they can see that learning is challenging for adults, for children, and then I can relate better to them. I really can because learning things new as an adult, and not having been there for 10 years since I did my master’s program, puts me in a different position now. I can look at them and say, “Wow. It must be really hard for them when I’m teaching a new concept in math.” Also, they see me as a lifelong learner, and that’s so important because I want my kids to do nothing more than to graduate from high school and go on to higher learning. And so, hopefully I’m inspiring them to see that, you know, it’s…you never stop learning. Learning is a continuous process, and I hope they learn to embrace it and love it as much as I do.