On Being Named Teacher of the Year
It’s extremely humbling to be chosen as the Teacher of the Year, because I really don’t feel like I’m doing that much different than other people. I look down the hallway in the school where I teach, and everybody’s working as hard as I am. But it’s been an amazing experience to be able to have some of the opportunities. We went to space camp. We met the president in the Oval Office. We were able to go to New York. We’ve had all kinds of conferences and different experiences.
One of the things that’s probably going to be the most lasting effect of being Teacher of the Year is being able to get this degree at Walden, because having that doctorate will continue to help me for the next 20 years of my teaching experience. All the experiences together have been amazing, but many of us have [said], as Teachers of the Year, that this is something that really will have a lasting impact on what we do and how we teach. It’s just an amazing opportunity that we all are very, very happy to have.