Ensuring my Students are Lifelong Learners
Last spring when I started my doctorate studies, I told my eighth-grade students that I was starting my doctorate. I really didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get from them. All of them were super-excited. They thought it was awesome that I was working toward my doctorate.

I’m demonstrating to my students that I’m a lifelong learner. If you look at any mission    statement for almost any school in the country, they [say] somewhere that they want their students to become lifelong learners. When you look at the 21st century and what students are going to need to do in the next 50 years, they’re going to need to continue their education. Things are moving too fast for them to get a high school or a college degree and assume that’s the only knowledge they’re going to need for the rest of their life.

My students see me as a student and working on research; I’m not talking about my research every day in class, but it comes up that I’m a student and I’m working on [research and courses]. I’m basically modeling to them the entire essence of what it means to be a lifelong student.