I chose Walden. I always had the dream of pursuing my education to the highest levels but being a working professional, and needing to work, I wasn’t able to go to a traditional school, and Walden brought to me the opportunity to accomplish the highest level of education in my field and to realize my dream. I looked at a number of schools and first and foremost was accreditation; that was extremely important to me that it was regionally accredited, and also at the time I was a traveling consultant and while I wanted to pursue my Ph.D., it was a dream of mine, I traveled constantly, and I couldn’t commit to being in a traditional classroom. So the online environment gave me that opportunity to study and continue to work. And one of the things that I think is so unique about Walden is the sense of community that, you know, I never felt existed when I went to a traditional school. I’ve made friends around the world that I keep in touch with, and when I attend a residency or a faculty meeting it’s just a tremendous joy to see them face to face and in person and share our experience both educationally and professionally.