In My Classroom, Every Day is a New Adventure
I teach high school. I teach ninth through twelfth; this will be my eleventh year. I teach family consumer science, which is different in that I am one of the few men who teaches it. It’s just one of the most exciting things I’ve done. I get to combine that passion I have for food and for working with young people all at the same time.

I teach because I think kids need to have somebody there who can help them understand why they’re there, and to empower them to take control of what they’re learning. Kids come into my classroom and they’re challenged to think for themselves. They’re challenged to figure out how they’re going to make use of what I’m teaching them and what the curriculum is, and how they can make that fit into their life now—how they can make it fit into their life next year and 10 years down the road.

As we go through units, we connect them to their real life outside of the school. I work really hard with them to get them to understand that education is something that they need to value.  It’s a gift that they get, and they need to take advantage of that gift.

In my classroom, when I lecture to kids, it’s not me standing in front of them telling them exactly what they need to know. It’s usually me walking around the room, sitting down at a table, talking with them, and just having a conversation about what it is we’re learning that day. They are fully engaged in what we learn. They become part of the conversation. It’s never really a lecture.