Narrator: For some Walden students, specialized services are necessary to accommodate a physical disability or a learning disorder. The Walden Office of Disability Services can help. We strive to provide barrier-free access to our educational services and our dedicated staff will work to help ensure that needs are met with accommodations online as well as onsite at residencies in the programs that require them.

Carolyn Roney (Director of Disability Services): Walden has a wide variety of services for students with disabilities. And for students with disabilities who have probably chosen online education because of the disability issue. The only time they’re going to need some kind of accommodation is when they are in a face-to-face experience.

Anne Hobson (PhD Psychology student): This is my last residency, I’ve been at four and at every place from San Diego, to San Francisco, and at the APA convention, they’ve always supplied me with a scooter.

Narrator: Walden will provide personalized support services and accommodations for disabilities including, but not limited, to sensory limitations, physical limitations, medical limitations, psychological limitations, and cognitive limitations. Walden also provides auxiliary aids and services for visual disabilities and hearing or speech disabilities. And, of course, disability documentation at Walden is confidential.