At Walden, our goal is to help students advance their careers. Throughout your program and beyond graduation, we want to help you leverage your new knowledge and skills at our Career Services Center.

Lisa Cook
(Director of the Career Services Center)
My role at the Career Services Center is to educate students to proactively manage their careers. And so basically I set up a career services website that covers self-assessment tools; it covers researching job opportunities and professional associations that they might find useful, it covers how to write an effective résumé and a curriculum vitae, how to conduct a really strong interview, how to consider a salary in a job offer. And in addition to that I also provide individual advising sessions where they can call and seek individually tailored career advice.

I work with Walden students at all levels of their degree programs. For example, I had one student contact me who hadn’t started her classes yet, and I work with folks in the middle of their program who are trying to figure out what are the different career options that are available to me? [They ask,] how do I start building my professional network? And then finally I will work with alumni after they finish their programs who will contact me for career services. [They say,] I’ve finally started my job hunt; I’ve reached the point I’ve gotten my degree, and I’m starting to network and how can you assist?

Michael Pierce
(Ph.D. Applied Management & Decision Sciences Student)
This week I have a job interview that’s coming up and I needed to get in with career services. Lisa Cook gave me assistance on a one-on- one basis with my résumé. She helped me to tailor my résumé, and she brought an awareness as to how to tailor the résumé for a particular job target. There were things that I didn’t realize, and there were some things that I had overlooked in my résumé that she brought to my attention. I left there feeling that I had a complete résumé that I can present and be proud of.