Once you are admitted to Walden University, you will embark on your educational journey with a team of academic advising professionals trained in the requirements of your program. Walden advisors work together to ensure a smooth transition from your enrollment advisor to the Academic Advising Team who will support you throughout the rest of your program.

Kathy McCloskey
(Academic Advising)

At Walden University, your enrollment advisor will help you get ready for school. Once you log into that course your academic advisor will take you down the rest of that path. So prior to logging in you’ll get a call from one of our academic advisors, and they’re going to walk you through everything you need to do to make sure that that first day that you sit down and log in, you have a successful experience.

Mohammed Kahn
(Academic Advisor)

The first phone call is really to welcome the student, to ask them a series of questions, to really make sure that they have a complete understanding of everything they need to complete [in order] to successfully start in the program. We talk about the student readiness orientation. We speak about their official transcripts and whether they’ve ordered them or not, as well as [about] books and other program specifics. My role is to really give individuals direction as far as the course selection, to go over their program of study, to really help them navigate and find things on the website and really assist them with any questions or concerns they have moving through the program.

With 24-hour response times and a team of professionals who understand your specific programs needs, academic advisors are an important support for you throughout your Walden program. Their goal is to help ensure your success.

Darlene Rodriguez
(Associate Director of Academic Advising)
Our academic advisors understand that student needs are urgent needs in that they’re working professionals, they have families, they have lives outside of their school, so when there’s an issue that comes up they want the ability to get a quick response. So our academic advisors, we guarantee a 24-hour response time to any inquiry that comes in, whether it be via email or phone.

Academic advisors collaborate with faculty members, student support teams, and other offices within the university to help ensure an inspiring and enriching experience for every student. They focus on policy and procedure so you can focus on your studies.

Chue Vang
(Academic Advisor)

We’re a department that touches everyone. Students come to us with an issue, and we refer students to the right place. We can’t solve every problem but we do direct students to the right offices and the right department so that they can get their issues resolved in a timely manner.

Catherine Kouchakji
(Ph.D. Public Health Student)

The Academic Advising Team has been really supportive and I feel has been very reliable. It’s like I don’t have to worry about the little things. I feel like there’s a support person there for me, or support team, really.

Walden academic advisors work closely with our award-winning Student Support Team—experts ready to answer your questions about learning in an online environment.