Female Student: I am busy—busy with my kids, music lessons, dance rehearsals, soccer practices. We practically live in my car. And when my kids are at school, I also work part-time. My dream job? Working as a counselor. So, for that, I need a master's in mental health counseling.

Male Student: I am super active. I love to do things. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed my time in the military so much. Now that I’m out, I feel it’s time for me to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m teaching middle school science and getting my master's in education.

Female Student #2: As branch manager of a bank, it’s non-stop for me from the moment we open ‘til we close the doors at five. I am learning a lot about business on the job, but I want to take my career to the next level with an M.B.A., which isn’t easy with my schedule. That’s why I chose Walden University.

Jonathan A. Kaplan, president of Walden University: What we care about at Walden is your learning, and MobileLearn® really enables us to bring education to you on your terms. It’s not about the classroom; it’s not about the chalkboard. It’s about you, your learning style, your lifestyle, and, ultimately, your success.

Female Student #1: I’ve got 45 minutes to take advantage of while the kids are at soccer, so I listen to my lecture on my MP3 player.

Male Student: I stay in shape by riding my bike every day. I watch course videos here on my iPhone and I listen to the weekly podcasts as I ride home.

Female Student #2: After a busy day at the bank, I like to treat myself to a cappuccino and log into my online classroom. I can contribute to the discussion boards right here on my laptop. It’s amazing. I have classmates from all around the world, and we’re learning so much together.

Jonathan A. Kaplan, president of Walden University: We realize that all students have their own individual learning styles. And we believe that meeting each student’s needs is absolutely a key factor in helping them achieve a deeper understanding of knowledge and a better retention of knowledge. MobileLearn allows students at Walden to interact with content in a way that best fits their individual learning needs and their individual learning preferences.

Female Student #1: It’s all pretty easy. I just log into myWalden and all my coursework is there, as well as my account information. I just download my lectures in the morning, and I’m ready.

Male Student: I learn by doing. Walden’s Virtual Field Experience brings me into a real classroom, with a real teacher and real students. It’s almost as if I’m there with them. It’s a really in-depth experience, and it’s really staying with me.

Female Student #2: I’m an avid reader and that’s how I learn best. At Walden, I have the option of downloading all my reading right onto my laptop so I’m ready to go wherever I have to go. I can take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to my job at the bank the very next day.

Jonathan A. Kaplan, president of Walden University: MobileLearn is a better, faster, smarter way to enable more people to further their education and accomplish their dreams.

Male Student: Getting my advanced degree online at Walden really works for me and my busy lifestyle.

Female Student #1: I love what I’m learning and how I’m learning.

Female Student #2: I’m so glad I was able to study online at Walden, and I already have an offer for a better job.