MALE SPEAKER: The first responders to the 9/11 attacks, the communities displaced by HurricaneKatrina, childhoods affected by the obesity epidemic. Events and trends in the 21st century have placed anew and urgent focus on the field of public health and the need for trained, dedicated public health professionals. At Walden University, we’re preparing adult learners to become advocates for a healthier world.

Walden’s public health programs are well-known and respected. In fact, in May 2010, US News & World Report again identified Walden as having the number one largest online graduate public health program byenrollment. That’s because our MPH explores relevant trends and topics of concern to professionals in the field right now.

Our MPH features case studies of recent public health events; courses in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Leadership, Professionalism, and Ethics, Environmental Health; and a hands-on field practicum so you can apply what you learn.

Through Walden’s media-rich learning environment, students gain unprecedented access to the thoughtleaders in the field of public health. In Essentials of Public Health, Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, discusses fundamentals of public health.

GEORGES BENJAMIN: So while certainly all the things we do in clinical medicine are very, veryimportant, what excites us about public health is the number of people that you can influence simply by some very, very simple acts.

MALE SPEAKER: Walden also offers an engaging online learning experience. In the course Essentials ofPublic Health: A Case Study Approach, students are exposed to various public health occupations, roles, and responsibilities. The multimedia exercise, “Influenza Outbreak, Middleton, USA” follows the hypothetical case of an unusually hard-hitting influenza outbreak in the United States.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I’m exhausted. Two floor nurses called in sick today, and that's on top of the ones who’ve already been out all week.

MALE SPEAKER: I’ve heard that Emergency is scrambling, too. More people are coming in every day with flu symptoms.

MALE SPEAKER: Through a solid foundation in the core disciplines of public health along with access to key experts and an engaging learning experience, Walden’s MPH students and graduates are helping to solve the world's most urgent public health needs.

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