Meeting Committed Educators at the Ed.D. Residency
With this opportunity to come to Walden, I’m meeting this whole new group of fabulous educators who are motivated and who are excited about learning and excited about education and moving forward with their lives. To get to meet them in real life—even if they weren’t people I had in my first class—to talk to everybody about their experiences: It was very similar to the Teacher of the Year experience on a larger scale, because there are just so many fantastic people out there.

Everybody that you meet wants to share their Walden experience with you. They want to tell you, “Oh, you’re thinking about doing this for a project? Well, here’s my email, and when we get home, you email me and I will send you this information that I have.” Faculty has been great. Don Jones was all excited when I told him one of my thoughts, and said, “I just finished up with a girl who did her research study on something very similar. I just emailed it to you, so it should be in your inbox when you get back.” Everybody’s been great, and the collegiality that you feel in this Walden community—and I think it is really, truly a community—has been wonderful.

What I’m taking away from this residency truly is that you’re not in it alone, that the faculty is more than there to help you.