Hi, my name’s Kari. I’m a student here at Walden. I’m here to show you why it is I love this university and specifically what some of the biggest advantages are to earning a degree online.

This is my student portal: myWalden. Everything I need is right here. I can see my email and announcements. There’s the library, the Writing Center, or I can check out Student Services and Support. That’s where I can reach Academic Advising, 24-hour Tech Support and more. Basically, anything I need is easy to access. I admit, I was nervous at first to work in an online classroom. But every student takes what’s called a Student Readiness Orientation to learn how to navigate the online classroom, so you have a great feel for how it works, even before you start your first course.

Let me show you the home page so you can see what the classroom looks like. Right here, I can see any recent course news, get my grades, and access my courses. When I click on my course, I can see over here on the left, a navigation bar where I can find just about everything I need for my class. This is for my current course in “Leadership for the Contemporary Organization,” although this type of information is here for any course.

Here’s my syllabus, it gives me a lot of important information about my class. I even know my learning objectives, which is really helpful as I navigate through my coursework. I can also check out a week-by-week breakdown of my learning resources, assignments, discussions, quizzes and more.

And this is the best part to me, because while I have assignments I need to complete during the week, there’s no specific time within the week that I have to log in for class. Okay, if you can give me just one second here, I’m getting a video lecture so I can download it to my mobile device and watch it on the train tomorrow. Actually, I have a screen shot of what it looks like on my phone. Walden calls that MobileLearn®, I call it convenience.

Alright, anyway, early on in each course, my instructor guides me through the different tools. Like the introduction with course details and the group discussion boards. Also, another great thing about the faculty, if I have any trouble, I just reach out to my instructor by email or set up a time to talk by phone. Faculty are there to help. Now, when I finish an assignment, I just go ahead and submit it. From there, my instructor can review my work and post my grade back to me. I’d say I spend maybe 15-20 hours a week on my studies.

So, the best part of my class is getting to interact with the other students. You’ll get to communicate with them in the class discussions and can chat with them in the class café too. I’m always amazed by the people in my classroom and the expertise they have in their fields.

Well, that’s all there is to it! Education at its finest. I hope this demo helped you and I’m even more hopeful that you’ll join me sometime soon at Walden. Thanks.