We have in both the master’s of business administration and the master’s of science in leadership program an integrated approach to the final project. In the M.B.A. they’re gonna work on a business plan or a consultancy project throughout the entire program. And in this project they will be able to choose a topic, choose a company, work on building something that in many cases is something they’re deeply passionate about, and is something that they may be in fact considering doing some time in their future in terms of launching a new business or gaining the experience to become a consultant. This cumulative process of building on their analysis over the entire program gives them plenty of breathing room to come to really see the depth of the scope of what needs to be, and we think this is the way you can effect actual change. In the master’s of science [in] leadership program, likewise, they’ll be working on a project that will be self defined in that they’ll have a few courses in which they’ll be able to address elements of that project and really sink their teeth into it rather than trying to fit something in very casually in four or five weeks.