Why Teachers Should Earn a Master’s
Teachers have an obligation to be good models for their students. You won’t find a mission statement in a school in America that doesn’t have something about wanting their students to become lifelong learners.  Well, if we expect that of our students, we need to do that as teachers, too. Undergraduate education is great, but it’s so much more enriching to be able to get a master’s degree, where you’re in the classroom [with] all of your academic learning, [and] this learning lab [you have] every single day in your school#and you’re able to bring those two things together. The learning is much richer and much more meaningful.

I enjoyed my master’s program tremendously, and I can’t imagine a teacher who wouldn’t want to keep learning that way. I think we have an obligation to do that for our students, to continue learning forever until the day we’re out of the classroom, hopefully even beyond that. I can’t imagine teachers not having a master’s degree.