Bringing Social Change to My District
Walden’s mission of positive social change is an interesting part of the program to me. If the focus is on local change—you have define what local is for you—it’s made me look at not only own classroom but what’s happening in the room down the hall from me.  It’s made me look at what’s happening in my building, in my district, in my community. I’m getting a better idea of the larger picture in our school district.

Already, I’m a member of two committees that I might not have been a member of without taking a closer look like that. In one of the committees we’re evaluating—as probably every high school district in the nation is—what do you do with cell phones?  Every kid’s got one. Do you confiscate them when they walk in the door? Or should we be finding some way of using the interest and energy that they create in a positive way in the classroom? That may actually end up being the focus of my project study; it’s at least one topic that I’m looking at.

Because of questioning that came about from my first class, I looked at that policy in a different way; now I may be going to look at it much more extensively in the future. I’m also on a committee dealing with teacher mentoring, and that’s a topic that I think is very important; maybe this is something that, in the future, will be part of this. I see a lot of benefits from focusing on that positive social change.