Ensuring My Students Are Lifelong Learners
I love to learn. I love being a student, but I also love being a teacher. I get to share this with [my students] every day. [Through] that, they get to learn that education doesn’t end when they get their high school diploma or when they get their four-year bachelor’s degree. Education continues for the rest of their life.

We’ll talk about what I’m doing in [my] class. We’ll talk about what they’re doing in class. Then we’ll talk about how they’re so similar. They write papers; I write papers. They read books; I read lots of books. They have to pay attention to deadlines; I have to pay attention to deadlines.  They learn that education is a process; I’ve learned that education is a process throughout my life. My experience at Walden, in a doctoral program, has helped me become a better teacher in the classroom because it reminds me every day that they have deadlines and I have deadlines, but we also are individuals, we’re human beings, and we want something out of life. And we’re going to have to work to get it.

What Walden’s given me is the opportunity to push myself a little further and to continue to be that lifelong learner that I’ve always said I am.