Public Policy and Administration On-Demand Webinars

ASPA Webinars

Walden’s School of Public Policy and Administration has partnered with the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) to offer a series of professional development webinars:

  • Validating Increased Performance (7/20/11), featuring public-sector specialist and Walden graduate Dr. Rick Humphress, explores how validated and reliable performance data can help improve government agency delivery of objectives and promote citizen confidence.
  • Budgeting for Results in Good Times and Hard Times (8/23/11), featuring strategic-planning and change-management consultant Marv Weidner, highlights practical skills and best practices for intelligently reducing state and local government spending.
  • Collaborative Public Management: 10 Greatest Hits (9/14/11), featuring public-administration scholar Rosemary O’Leary, addresses why cross-organizational collaboration is necessary in public management and explores the factors to consider before entering a collaborative relationship.
  • Integrating Diversity Strategies for Success (11/16/11), featuring government and nonprofit agency consultant Phin Xaypangna, provides a seven-step process for successfully creating and maintaining a diverse work environment.
  • Building Community Resilience Through Emergency Management Initiatives (10/19/11), featuring certified public manager and community-relations officer Mary J. Goepfert, reviews the fundamentals of successful emergency management through citizen engagement and stakeholder involvement.