View the archived Social Change Conference held October 27, 2010.

During this hour-long online conference, we explored how to bring widely diverse missions to life and how to ignite volunteerism to fulfill those missions. Our insightful panelists discussed how individual volunteers can:

  • Discern which societal needs or types of causes they can best support.
  • Benefit personally from their own contributions, which can range from serving at a soup kitchen to serving as a board member.
  • Encourage others to volunteer, thus making positive social change a dynamic and self-sustaining process.

Moderated by Walden’s president, Jonathan Kaplan, our panel featured:

  • Jim Dickinson, director of community engagement, Business Volunteers Unlimited Maryland
  • Marina Kim, executive director, Ashoka U
  • Jaime Hiraishi, associate, external affairs, Taproot Foundation
  • Gary Kelsey, faculty member, Walden’s School of Public Policy and Administration

Participant Biographies (pdf)

We received a number of unique and interesting questions that we were not able to address during the conference, so we asked our panelists to respond to a few more.

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