Prospective and current students can find information about Walden programs and licensure requirements specific to their state. The following information is provided as guidance only. Walden cannot guarantee that the information is accurate and current. Prospective students should verify their state’s requirements themselves, prior to enrolling in any degree program. Each state’s agency responsible for the licensing of education personnel can be found here.

Information for prospective Alabama students
Contact the Teacher Education and Certification Division of the Alabama State Department of Education at 1-334-242-9935 or to verify that these programs qualify for teacher certification, endorsement, and/or salary benefits. Last updated 10/22/09

Walden University, in collaboration with Kendall College, has become an approved sub-contractor for providing professional development courses which meet the professional development requirements for Illinois licensure. Beginning July, 2015 Illinois teachers can apply Walden University coursework and credits for programs or courses as it relates to their individualized professional development plan. An official Walden transcript meets the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) requirement for documentation of ISBE professional development clock hours.

Not all of the online programs offered by our institution have been approved in Kentucky. Please check the Council on Postsecondary Education’s website at to view its listing of approved programs. For more information, please contact the Council on Postsecondary Education, 1024 Capital Center Drive, Suite 320, Frankfort, KY 40601.

Please be advised that our educator preparation programs are NOT accredited in Kentucky by the Education Professional Standards Board and are NOT recognized for initial, additional, or renewal of certification or salary enhancement (rank change) for K-12 educators in Kentucky. For more information, please visit the Education Professional Standards Board’s website at Last updated 10/29/14

Michigan teachers seeking to upgrade their provisional certificate to a professional certificate must complete at least a 3-credit course of study with appropriate field experiences in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction.

Walden University offers five options to meet this requirement. Teachers can meet this requirement by successfully completing:

  1. READ 6709 Literacy in Academically Diverse Classrooms, OR
  2. READ 6609 Literacy in Academically Diverse Classrooms (Self-Directed), OR
  3. EDUC 6650 Enhancing Learning for Diverse Populations, AND
    EDUC 6706 The Beginning Reader, PreK – 3, OR
  4. EDUC 6616 Enhancing Learning for Diverse Populations (Accelerated), AND
    EDUC 6706 The Beginning Reader, PreK – 3, OR
  5. EDUC 6632 Assessment and Instruction to Promote Literacy Development, AND
    EDUC 6633 Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking in Content Disciplines, AND
    EDUC 6634 Assessment and Intervention for Students With Reading Difficulties

Teachers can take any of the above options as part of a degree program, or as a non-degree-seeking student. If you would like to enroll in a course as a non-degree-seeking student, please contact an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336.

Walden will verify that teachers meet the Michigan reading diagnosis requirement as long as they have completed one of the above options. Teachers will need to contact Walden’s certification officer at to verify their completion by signing the appropriate form. Last Updated 09/2017

New York (Not accepting new students from New York at this time)
TEACH System
Walden receives many questions about its program code for the New York online certification system, the TEACH system. Out-of-state institutions, such as Walden, do not have access to the TEACH system and therefore are not provided with program codes. The state requires that educators completing online programs go through a transcript evaluation pathway. The state advises that educators have their planned program of study approved by the New York State Education Department in advance and that all professional development activities be approved by your district as part of your professional development plan. For more information, please refer to the New York State Education Department. Last updated 10/22/09

Educators can use Walden degree programs and courses to meet the requirements for upgrading from the initial to professional certification in New York, but since Walden is an out-of-state institution, all individuals will have their program evaluated to ensure that the degree program matches the subject and grade level of the certification being upgraded. The New York State Board of Education maintains the authority to require the completion of an additional 12 graduate credit hours if it feels that there is a deficiency between the program an individual completed and the certification being sought. Last updated 10/22/09

Since Walden is regionally accredited, educators can use Walden degree programs to meet New York’s renewal requirements. Students should make certain that the degree program being pursued matches the subject and grade level of the certification being renewed. For more information, please click here. Last updated 10/22/09

North Carolina
In July 2013, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCory signed into law a budget bill that eliminates teacher tenure and terminates salary increases for educators earning a master’s, educational specialist, or doctoral degree. The law is scheduled to take effect for the 2014-2015 school year. Individuals who have completed the requirements for a degree program and apply for supplemental pay on or before May 7, 2014, will be grandfathered in under the old rules and are eligible for a salary increase. The North Carolina Board of Education has asked the General Assembly to consider extending the grandfathering provision for August and December 2014 graduates. Please refer to the state department’s website for updated information. Originally posted 10/16/2013

Individuals will receive an “M” on their teaching license only by completing a state-approved initial licensure or state-approved endorsement program at the master’s level. The only programs Walden offers that would qualify are the Master of Arts in Teaching (Teacher Preparation), the Reading K-12 Endorsement, and the MS in Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Administration. These programs are not currently open for enrollment until Walden receives approval for field experiences in North Carolina. Originally posted 12/6/10

Walden University’s teacher preparation program is approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching as leading to licensure. Because this program is not reviewed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, candidates are instructed to apply for Pennsylvania certification as out-of-state graduates of a teacher preparation program.

Renewal credits to meet Act 48 requirements
Every five years, Pennsylvania-certified teachers must complete 180 hours of professional development activities that are related to an area on the certificate and that comply with the school district’s professional development plan (if they are currently employed in a district). The 180-hour requirement can be met by taking six college or continuing education credits. Educators must develop a professional education plan that is in line with the state and district goals.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, credits obtained by an out-of-state institution may be used to meet your professional development requirements. However, they must be submitted on an official college-sealed transcript directly to: Department of Education, Division of Professional Education and Planning, 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333.

Since Walden University is an out-of-state institution, it does not have access to the electronic submission features of the Act 48 system. Any coursework completed at Walden will not be communicated to the Department of Education automatically, and must be transmitted manually via the description above.

Information concerning Pennsylvania certificate renewal can be found here.

South Carolina
Educators seeking administrative licensure in South Carolina should be aware that the only programs accepted by the state are Walden's state-approved MS and EdS in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Preparation) program.

Walden University’s Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Education to provide coursework that meets the South Carolina Read to Succeed and state in-service guidelines.

Prospective Washington state students are advised to contact the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction at 1-360-725-6275 or to determine whether Walden's programs in the field of education are approved for teacher certification or endorsements in Washington state. Additionally, teachers are advised to contact their individual school district as to whether this program may qualify for salary advancement. Last updated 12/10/14

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