What Are Walden’s Licensure Programs?

Walden’s Licensure Programs will prepare you for obtaining licensure by providing you with the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions to make a positive impact in your role as a teacher, principal, or administrator. The programs Walden currently offers which lead to licensure include:

How Do I Know if Walden's Program Will Be Accepted in My State?

Each state has different licensing requirements. Contact our advisors at 1-866-492-5336 and review your state’s department of education website. The state statutes, regulations, or rules outline the license requirements; review all information on the website, including the licensure application. It is important to compare license requirements with Walden’s degree program and your experience.

Is Your State a “License-in-Hand” or “Program Completer” State?

In some states, you will be required to obtain the Minnesota license before applying to your state, or it will be in your best interest to obtain the Minnesota license first. We call these “license-in-hand” states. You would obtain the Minnesota license and then complete the application process for your state as a teacher with an out-of-state license.

In other states, there may be no benefit to having the Minnesota license. You can apply directly to these states by completing a state-approved program. We call these “program-completer” states.

Does Your State Have an Out-of-State Application Process?

You need to determine if your state has a separate application process for individuals completing an “out-of-state” (OOS) program. This would apply to all candidates except those in Minnesota. If your state has an OOS process, there will be a separate application listed on the department website, but not all states have an OOS process. Review these requirements early to determine which licensure exams (Praxis, MTLE, GACE, etc.) or other requirements you will need to complete to become licensed.

What Are My General Licensure Exam Requirements?

If you are applying to a “license-in-hand” state, you will have to complete the Minnesota testing requirements, which are part of your program requirements. Determine if having the Minnesota license will exempt you from meeting the testing requirements for the state where you reside.

If you are applying to a “program-completer” state, you will likely have to complete the testing requirements for that state only. But make sure to read the details. Some states, Wisconsin for example, require that applicants meet the testing requirements for that state and the state where the institution is located. Enrollment advisors can provide guidance on testing requirements.

What Do You Need From Walden?

Generally, most states’ applications have a form that must be completed by the institution (Walden) that verifies you completed a state-approved teacher preparation program. This is often referred to as the Institutional Recommendation (IR) form, or can be called a program completion form, college verification form, etc. The completed IR form and official transcripts are often all you need from Walden.

Which License Do You Qualify for in Your State?

Candidates should check their state website to determine if their state offers licensure in a comparable area. Walden offers programs for initial licensure in Elementary Education, Special Education (cross-categorical/generalist), and principal preparation programs. Additionally, prospective students are advised if they choose to relocate to carefully review, evaluate and understand the requirements of the applicable licensure board in the state in which they intend to relocate.

Who Can I Talk to if I Have Questions?

Contact your Walden enrollment advisor or an academic advisor at 1-866-492-5336. He or she can answer your questions or connect you with a licensing specialist.

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