With Walden’s M.S. in Project Management degree, you will have the opportunity to gain the skills you need to enter the field or advance your career in project management in a variety of functional areas and within a host of industries and organizations, including:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Information technology
  • Communication systems deployment
  • Chemicals, oil, gas, and public utilities
  • Local, state, and federal government
  • International development
  • Commercial and defense aviation
  • Financial services
  • Product and service development
  • Event planning

A Growth Industry

Despite the economy, project managers are actually earning more than they were 2 years ago.*

  • Project management ranks 11th among the top 25 job categories cited by recruiters.
  • Some 1.2 million job openings are predicted for project-oriented occupations globally between 2008 and 2016.
  • The demand for project management professionals is expected to far exceed supply, with as much as $123 billion of the $194 billion “projectized” global gross domestic product at risk by 2016.

*Project Management Institute, Research Shows Project Management Salaries are Growing, Despite Recession, on the Internet at http://www.pmi.org/AboutUs/Pages/Research-Shows-Project-Management-Salaries-are-Growing-Despite-Recession.aspx (viewed on May 25, 2010).

Higham, L. (2009, June). New Opportunities for Business School Growth. [PowerPoint]. PMI Global Accreditation Center. ACBSP Annual Conference. Retrieved from: www.pmi.org/PDF/2009 06-25 Higham ACBSP San Antonio Rev 2.ppt

Higham, L. (2009, June). Tap into the amazing growth of project management. Paper presented at the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

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