As a student in the M.S. in Leadership program, you have the option to participate in a variety of learning experiences and access a wide range of resources designed to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They include:

Capstone Project

Choose between two capstone projects that allow you to apply the skills you’ve gained in the program to a real-world situation.

In the Capstone Proposal Project, you can take your own idea for a project that can lead to positive social change and work through the steps of preparing a proposal for the project to a funding organization. While you will define any research and expected results required to support the proposal, you will not perform the research itself as part of the project.

In the Capstone Research Project, you can select a social impact issue or area that interests you, explore that topic in-depth, and work through the steps required to complete a scholarly paper on the topic. Graduate-level critical thinking and writing will be applied in completing this work.

Leadership Conferences and Real-World Insights

Benefit from access to live streaming presentations of prestigious international events and conferences, such as the World Innovation Forum, World Leadership Forum, World Business Forum, and Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. Learn from today’s most innovative authors, business executives, and thought leaders in our Inspiring Today’s Leaders webinar series.

Accelerated Path to a Doctoral Degree

When you complete your M.S. in Management, you may be able to receive credit for four courses when enrolling in the Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) program, which can save you time and money. Call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336 to determine eligibility and learn more.

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When you choose Walden’s M.S. in Leadership, you can benefit from the flexibility of online learning and from MobileLearn®. Offered exclusively at Walden, MobileLearn not only enables you to choose where and when you learn, it also gives you the ability to choose how you learn. Learn more.

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