A Master’s in Healthcare Administration can help you gain the specialized skills you need to stay at the forefront of the dynamic changes in the healthcare field.

Walden’s MHA degree is designed to help provide you with these targeted skills and develop expertise in healthcare management.

Walden’s MHA program is offered entirely online, providing you with a convenient program of study.* An optional practicum can help you gain firsthand experience in healthcare management and allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in the program.

Find detailed information for this program, including possible occupations, completion rate, program costs, and median student loan debt.

  • Grants and tuition reductions available.

  • From Volume to Value: How Healthcare is Changing

    Dr. Mountasser Kadrie

    Dr. Mountasser Kadrie, Walden's MHA program director, looks at change coming to the healthcare industry.

    Read the full article.

  • Healthcare Career Guide

    Careers in Health PDF

    Take the first step toward a career in public health or healthcare administration.

    Discover the path that is right for you.

  • Enrollment Advisors Help You Make an Informed Decision

    Meet the advisors who will present you with a complete picture of the university to help ensure that you meet your goals.

  • Our Academic Resources

    Our Academic Resources

    “Our international students receive dedicated support from their faculty and advisors.”
    Dr. Sreeroopa Sarkar, Faculty Member

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