Since 2008, Walden University has recognized and honored State Teachers of the Year by offering each of these outstanding educators a full tuition scholarship when they enroll in one of the many education programs offered by Walden’s Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership.

Scholarship Eligibility

Recipients must:

  • Have been named their state’s teacher of the year and have their name published on the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) website.
  • Be eligible for admittance to a Riley College of Education and Leadership program and have submitted all required admission documentation to Walden University.
  • Not be in receipt of another merit-based Walden scholarship for the type of degree they are pursuing (i.e., master’s degree or doctorate).
  • Not be a current student of Walden University.

Scholarship Process

Walden University only acknowledges state teacher of the year award recipients as recognized by the CCSSO website. Eligible award recipients interested in Walden’s scholarship award should contact the Walden enrollment manager in their region for their program of interest.

Ph.D. in Education, Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Education Specialist (Ed.S.) and M.S. programs

Endorsement programs

For any other questions about the scholarship program, please email

Scholarship recipients who want to select a Walden degree program outside of The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership must receive prior approval and should email

Scholarship Timeline

All scholarship award recipients must apply to Walden within 15 months of receiving their state teacher of the year award. Once Walden has verified the recipient’s status as a state teacher of the year award winner, the recipient may complete the application and begin the enrollment process  

Scholarship Announcements and Publicity

Individuals who participate in the Walden state teacher of the year scholarship program must affirm that they are willing and able to participate in all publicity efforts surrounding the program. Such publicity may include news releases and media advisories, local and national media coverage, media interviews and photos, and other similar public relations activities. Scholarship recipients must sign a release that allows Walden University to use the individual’s participation in the program for publicity purposes without limitation and states that all such materials remain the sole and exclusive property of Walden University.

Scholarship Funding

The university must be in receipt of all of the applicant’s official admission documentation for scholarship funds to be applied to the student’s account. Students who withdraw from the university will forfeit the scholarship. Students who take a leave of absence and re-enter the same program will retain the scholarship award. Students who take a leave of absence and choose to enter a different program will forfeit the scholarship award.

The cost of books and course materials are included in the tuition for many of Walden’s programs and specializations. However, scholarship recipients enrolling in Walden’s Ph.D. in Education program, Ed.S. in Educational Technology, or any of our B.S. programs are responsible for the cost of books and materials. Scholarship recipients enrolling in either the Ph.D. in Education program or the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program are also responsible for all associated residency costs. All recipients who enroll in a Walden program are responsible for the technology fee each term as well. Recipients are responsible for all other non-tuition costs including but not limited to, residency travel and other university or program fees as applicable.

In order for scholarship funding to continue throughout the length of the program, recipients must meet the satisfactory academic progress criteria set forth by Walden University’s current catalog for the duration of their program.

If a student is in a new semester and forfeited in the previous semester (due to internal lag time), the student will receive a revised bill for the prior semester in which they received the scholarship.

This scholarship is not managed by Walden University’s Office of Financial Aid. Please call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336 for more information.


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