Master’s-Level Application Requirements

Prior to applying, interested applicants should carefully review the eligibility requirements and application deadlines for this scholarship on the Commitment to Social Change Scholarship Web page.

What to Include in the Application Materials

Eligible master’s-level applicants must demonstrate their capacity to effect positive social change and submit the following materials electronically to

Cover page that provides the following information about the applicant

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Walden email address
  • College, school, and program of study (for example: College of Health Sciences; School of Health Sciences; Master of Public Health program)
  • Statement that the applicant is applying for a master’s-level Commitment to Social Change Scholarship

Position statement that

  • Describes the applicant’s past and current projects or activities that demonstrate his or her capacity to effect social change
  • Identifies the applicant’s role or level of involvement in these projects or activities
  • Explains the link between the applicant’s social change goals and activities and his or her program of study (for example: How will your Walden degree help you achieve your social change goals?)
  • Is double-spaced with 1-inch margins, and is a minimum of two pages and a maximum of five pages in length
  • Is written in APA style

Two (2) letters of recommendation that specifically address the applicant’s ability to effect social change. (No more than two letters of recommendation will be accepted.)

  • Letters of recommendation may be written by
    • Colleagues who can specifically address the applicant’s role in projects or activities discussed in the applicant’s position statement
    • Individuals, groups, or organizations who have benefited from the programs or activities discussed in the applicant’s position statement
  • Letters of recommendations must
    • Discuss the applicant’s role in social change projects or activities outlined in the applicant's position statement
    • Explain the relationship between the applicant and the colleague, individual, group, or organization writing the recommendation
    • Be written in support of the applicant's submission to the Commitment to Social Change Scholarship (Blanket letters of recommendation, in which the Commitment to Social Change Scholarship program is not specifically referenced, will not be accepted.)
    • Be submitted electronically to by the author of the letter, not the applicant

Additional required supporting materials

  • The applicant’s current curriculum vitae
  • Supporting documentation (maximum of two documents) that provides detailed, concrete evidence of the social change projects and activities described in the applicant’s position statement, which may include, but is not limited to
    • A presentation developed by the applicant about the project or activity
    • Project-related materials such as brochures or fliers
    • Newspaper articles written about the activity

How to Submit the Application Materials

Applicants are responsible for collecting and compiling all materials for this scholarship and submitting them as an application packet. All materials must be submitted electronically to

It is preferred that all materials, with the exception of the letters of recommendation, be submitted in one document in the order in which they are listed above (cover page, position statement, curriculum vitae, and supporting social change documentation).

If the applicant cannot include all materials in one document, separate documents may be submitted. In this case, however, all documents must be clearly labeled (for example, “position_statement.doc,” “curriculum_vitae.doc,” and so on). These should be sent at the same time as other application materials.

As indicated above, letters of recommendation should be sent from the person making the recommendation directly to; they should not be submitted by the applicant.

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be considered for this award. The scholarship review process is confidential.  The award decisions are made in the sole discretion of Walden and the results are not subject to appeal.