Human Resource Management Specialization - Ph.D. in Management

Human Resource Management

In this specialization, you can apply the latest theories and analytical tools to conduct original research and add to the body of knowledge in areas such as organizational effectiveness, conflict resolution, human capital development, and strategic human resource management. Explore the global and multidisciplinary aspects of human resource management and enhance your ability to develop solutions for strategic human resource initiatives. This specialization can help prepare you for senior positions in private industry, nonprofit organizations, consulting, or teaching.

Completion Requirements

  • 82 total quarter credits 
    • Core courses (20 cr.)
    • Foundation and advanced research course sequence (16 cr.)
    • Specialization courses (20 cr.)
    • Proposal, dissertation, and oral presentation (26 cr.) 
  • 4 Ph.D. residencies to equal a minimum of 16 days

Time to completion may vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336.

Recommended Course Sequence

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