June 2015

Dr. Ann Marie Kappel ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently named a VIP member of Worldwide Branding. The distinction honors individuals who have shown exceptional commitment to achieving personal and professional success. Dr. Kappel is an organizational psychologist at Alpha Consulting & Empowerment.

May 2015

Dr. Engin Ozertugrul ’15, a PhD in Psychology graduate, recently published Interview with OCD: Forty-five Days to End of a New Beginning. Based on his dissertation, Heuristic Self-Search Inquiry into One Experience of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the book reveals his struggle with OCD through a series of sessions, with him acting as both researcher asking questions and participant answering them.

April 2015

Dr. Lisa R. Smith ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, is the founder of CRE8TVE Solutions, LLC, in Florida. She has developed two iPhone apps to assist students with learning, writing, and using APA format correctly. She says the APA style was one of her biggest challenges while attending Walden, and that inspired her to create APAGuide and MLA Guide.

Susan (Joy) Draper ’10, an MS in Psychology graduate, was recently named Offutt Air Force Base Military Spouse of the Year.

Joshua L. Cohen ’07, an MS in Psychology graduate, recently published Video and Filmmaking as Psychotherapy: Research and Practice through Routledge’s “Advances in Mental Health Research” series. Dr. Cohen has worked in hospitals, clinics, and private practice using video and creativity as an intervention. He currently works in Beverly Hills, California.

March 2015

Dr. Veronica Semenova ’12, ’13, an MS in Psychology and PhD in Psychology graduate, recently published Learn How to Cope with Death, Loss, Grief, and Bereavement—Helpful Tips from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: 5 Most Common Grief Cognitions Therapy and Counseling Can Address, Restructure, and Resolve. Dr. Semenova is a private practice psychologist with expertise in depression, anxiety, grief, bereavement, coping with chronic and critical illness, fear of death, caregiver issues, aging issues, and interpersonal and relationship issues.

Dr. Linda Vogel Talley ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was recently published in the peer-reviewed Leadership & Organization Development Journal. “How leaders influence followers through the use of nonverbal communication” was published in Volume 36, Issue 1. Dr. Talley is a behavioral theorist and president of Linda Talley & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Lisa Lamb ’10, a PhD in Psychology graduate, is now a licensed psychologist in the state of Nevada. She is also a certified life coach and a certified hypnotherapist, and looking to start her own practice.

November 2014

Dr. Danjel Bout ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was appointed assistant director of response at the Governor's Office of Emergency Services by California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. Dr. Bout has been strategic plans branch chief at the California National Guard since 2013, where he has also been military liaison to the Governor's Office of Emergency Services since 2012.

Dr. Diane Bryan ’05, a PhD in Psychology graduate, has signed a publishing deal with Celebrity Press to co-author a new book, Get in the Game. Her co-authors will include experts from various industries, and royalties from the book will be given to Entrepreneurs International Foundation.

September 2014

Dr. Rhonda Cunningham ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was quoted in an article on Bloomberg.com about research from her doctoral dissertation, which demonstrates the effectiveness of using Cogmed learning software to teach students with learning and attention-deficit issues.

June 2014

Dr. Levon Margolin '11, an MS in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology graduate, initiated a new behavioral medicine program, the Functional Restoration Program, at Healthpointe, a series of facilities that serve southern California. The program is focused on helping patients with chronic pain. Dr. Margolin is the CEO and chief psychologist of ibemed, a company that works to improve patient health and experience while decreasing healthcare costs by integrating behavioral medicine services into existing healthcare systems.

Terrence Schofield '10, an MS in Psychology graduate and a PhD in Psychology student, published Distractions: Why We Do What We Do? (Velron Publishing Company, 2013). Schofield is a diversity trainer, life skills coach, and public speaker.

May 2014

Dr. Anita Lewis-Schmoll ’06, a PhD in Psychology graduate, recently opened Safe Cove Counseling in Lockport, Ill., to provide counseling to recovering addicts. The practice focuses on serving clients with no insurance.

April 2014

Brenda G. Berry ’12, an MS in Psychology graduate and a PhD in Psychology student, published the book of poetry My Feet Ain’t Pretty (Create Space, 2014).

Dr. Ann Marie Bescherer ’12, a PhD in Psychology graduate, was featured on CBS Philly in March in “Police In Ocean County Being Trained On New Drug That Could Treat Heroin Overdoses.” Dr. Bescherer has worked as an addiction counselor for 20 years at the Seabrook House outpatient facility in Cherry Hill, N.J.

March 2014

Dr. Donald “Rick” Froyd ’11, a PhD in Psychology graduate, published “Toward a Humanistic Approach to Child Custody Mediation: A Delicate Balance” in the Journal of Child Custody (Vol. 11, 2014). Based in Visalia, Calif., Dr. Froyd is a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a national certified counselor.

February 2014

Dr. David Solot ’13, a PhD in Psychology graduate, recently had a post on the CNN blog Eatocracy that addressed why people are rude toward waiters and other service workers and how to resist the urge to behave in this way. Dr. Solot, the director of client services at Caliper, an international human resources consulting company, has previously written for Eatocracy on the topics of food aversion and maximizing brain power.

Jammie Abbott ’10, an MS in Psychology graduate, was the focus of a December article in the Daily Press in Newport News, Va., that highlighted her family’s efforts to collect and distribute holiday toys to area children whose families are unable to afford permanent housing. Abbott first undertook this initiative in 2007 and provided gifts to 185 children in 2013.

January 2014

Dr. Debra Rose Wilson ’06, a PhD in Psychology graduate, 2012 Scholar of Change, and contributing faculty member in the School of Psychology, received the 2013 Tennessee Nurses Association Award for Nursing Excellence in Education in October. The award recognizes a nurse whose outstanding performance promotes excellence in nursing practice, contributes to the professional development of other nurses, improves the quality of nursing care, and demonstrates leadership in professional and community service. In addition to teaching at Walden, Dr. Wilson has a private practice as an advanced holistic nurse and serves as managing editor of the International Journal of Childbirth Education.

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