Ph.D., M.S., Illinois Institute of Technology; B.S., Washington University in St. Louis

Research Interests

Design and assessment of quality systems; quality in research and development; business process management; leadership for quality; statistical modeling


Dr. Endres has served in a number of positions across a range of sectors. He was a vice president at Juran Institute, a reliability project manager at AT&T, director of new product assurance at Clark Equipment, a senior operations research analyst at Motorola, and an associate research engineer at IIT Research Institute. Over the course of 15 years in higher education, he has held both administrative and professorial positions, including program director, department chair, lead academic research reviewer, and professor. Dr. Endres has written two books, Improving R&D Performance the Juran Way and Implementing Juran’s Road Map for Quality Leadership. He has authored and co-authored articles in peer-reviewed publications, including Quality Progress and IEEE Communications Magazine. He joined Walden in 2008 and serves as the associate lead methodologist and faculty consultant in Walden’s D.B.A. program.