PhD, Capella University; EdS, University of West Georgia; MEd, Georgia State University; BA, Vanderbilt University

Research Interests

Mentoring new teachers; professional development as school learning communities; using research-based teaching practices to increase student learning; site-based management for teacher empowerment; differentiated learning in the classroom


Dr. Richardson’s experience has included implementing research-based teaching and aligning curricula to standards. Her dissertation, Mentoring and Keeping New Teachers, led to establishing mentoring programs and presenting “Mentoring New Teachers: You Can’t Afford Not To” at the MS Nuts & Bolts Conference. As Georgia’s MS Principal of the Year, she met with congressional representatives regarding school initiatives and the impact of No Child Left Behind. Dr. Richardson advocates positive educational and social change as the essence of work in today’s schools, where efforts of stakeholders combine to achieve one goal: to increase the achievement of students who are equipped with tools for success and productivity as lifelong learners.