The most important outcome of all teaching and learning at Walden is to produce graduates with knowledge, skills, and abilities that can immediately be applied. To ensure we’re reaching that goal, we ask our graduates annually to provide feedback on how they are applying their Walden knowledge to advance their careers and the greater good. This information is shared with you through our Demonstrating Accountability, Transparency, and Assessment (DATA) project.

Highlights include:*

  • Alumni satisfaction is high, with 91% of Walden graduates very satisfied or satisfied with their alma mater and 90% likely or very likely to recommend Walden to others.
  • 57% of graduates say their Walden degree helped them receive a pay raise.
  • Nearly 90% of Walden alumni agree that the Walden curriculum is relevant to their daily lives and work.
  • The overwhelming majority of alumni—94%—reports that Walden has helped them effect positive social change, according to results from our 2013 survey.

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*Results gathered by Walden University in 2012–2013 from current students, recent graduates, alumni, and employers who responded to our surveys. For additional survey details, visit