This award recognizes a Walden graduate who exemplifies the Walden scholar-practitioner model and who has made exceptional contributions to her or his profession, discipline, or community since graduation.


  • The individual has demonstrably contributed to social change on a practical or theoretical level.
  • The individual has received professional and/or community recognition for their contributions.
  • The individual’s contributions typify and personify the mission of Walden University.
  • Third-party references and/or empirical evidence attest to the results of the individual’s contributions.
  • The individual’s contributions have had an effect on or made a contribution to her or his profession or discipline.


2013: Dr. Jonas Nguh

2012: Dr. Tia Campbell

2011: Dr. Gary Bickford

2010: Ivy Garcia Zwicker

2009: Dr. Prince Augustine Ordu

2008: Dr. Souror Baetjer

2007: Dr. Leo Parvis

2006: Dr. David Boyd

2005: Dr. Sharon Freeman

2004: Dr. Freida Pemberton

2003: Dr. Michael Wanko

2002: Dr. Craig Swenson

2001: Dr. Joy Erlichman Miller